Welcome to Cognitive Sensations by Gabriella Warren-Smith


About Gabriella

Cognitive Sensations combines a wide spectrum of opinions exploring the impact of the digital age on human behaviour, culture and society. As our primary information source, our handheld devices have become a central aspect of everyday life, impacting how we work, communicate, relax and navigate time.

Contributors to the blog span scientists, educators, cultural theorists, artists and creative practitioners, reflecting the relevance of these issues across different disciplines.

This blog was born through the wider project, Cognitive Sensations, an exhibition and events programme investigating the physiological and psychological changes occurring in humans, in response to an increase in digital technology engagement. The programme was curated by Gabriella Warren-Smith, an independent curator based in Liverpool, and supported by the Arts Council England. Key delivery partners included THECUBE in London, and FACT in Liverpool. 

Gabriella is an independent curator based in Liverpool with a research practice investigating digital culture. She is an experienced project manager with previous success in public programme delivery, exhibition curation, marketing campaigning, project income management, communication and design, and commissioning new work.

She has experience presenting her research in venues such as Tate Liverpool, The British Museum and FACT, and is currently focussing on projects investigating digital wellbeing.

More of here work can be found here.