All in Gabriella Warren-Smith

The Body in Bytes


In the fourth event of the Cognitive Sensations programme, THECUBE became host to a conversation exploring the impact of the digital age on identity and health. This essay will explore the transformation of the self through an evaluation of current digital practices in relation to the body.

Cognitive Conversations: The Artist’s Perspective


An essay exploring artistic practice investigating the impact of the digital age on perception. The narrative evolved from my observations of Cognitive Sensations, an event consisting of a series of presentations by a multi-disciplined panel, a participatory artwork called The Artist’s Presence (2018)and a Q&A session. This essay will seek to represent some of the issues we addressed, using examples of artistic practice to illustrate the conversations that artists can bring to the great debate surrounding screen culture.

Fields of Perception


This essay will investigate how digital technology engagement affects the cognitive process of perception, employing the discourse explored in the opening panel discussion of Cognitive Sensations. In the debate, we discussed the influences of virtual reality and digital technology on the relationship between perception and the environment.

Introducing Cognitive Sensations

An introduction to the Cognitive Sensations public programme, investigating the neurological effects of the digital age. Featuring talks, artworks and debates, the programme will uncover several concepts exploring the physiological and psychological changes occurring in humans, as a result of their engagement with digital technology.