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Cognitive Sensations Launches its First Event, Fields of Perception

Cognitive Sensations Launches its First Event, Fields of Perception

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Please join us on November 20th (6.30pm - 9.00pm) at THECUBE, for the opening of Cognitive Sensations, an exhibition and events programme exploring the neurological effects of the digital age. This will be the first chance to view a new exhibition, representing the various perspectives of scientific and creative communities exploring our relationship with digital technology.

In our first event, Fields of Perception, there will be a panel discussion and artist workshop, examining the role that digital technology plays in shaping the brain and our perception of the physical world.

The Panel Discussion

Perception is the organisation, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the world around us. With highly adaptable brains to the experiences and environment that we place ourselves in, it is no surprise that our behaviour and perception of the world is influenced by our engagement within the digital realm. Confirmed speakers include:

Fiona Zisch - A UCL trans-disciplinary architecture and neuroscience PhD doctorate, Zisch’s research focus investigates how neural mechanisms construct the experience of space and its implications for architectural design.

Pablo Fernández - PhD candidate at the Institut Jean Nicod of École Normale Supérieure in Paris, Pablo is currently pursuing his research in philosophy of mind, specialising in the phenomenology of space and in new theories of cognition. He is currently exploring the potential of the feeling of disorientation to elicit aesthetic experiences.

Vik Kaushal - Architect and founder of Logan & Wilcox, a collaborative arts practice with a focus on audio-visual design and performance. Kaushal is concerned with technology’s role in shaping the relationship between the body, mind and physical environment, and their disconnection from time and space.

Daphne Economou - Senior lecturer at the College of Design, Creative and Digital Industries at the University of Westminster, Economou leads the BSc Digital Media Development degree and the Serious Games Research Group at the School of Computer Science and Engineering.

The Workshop

Artist Maritina Keleri plays on the dynamics of viewing the world through virtual and physical settings, via her own wearable viewing device. Event attendees are invited to view their physical environment through Keleri’s goggles, entering an artistic experiment exploring perception in the digital age.

The Exhibition

The exhibition will feature the work of eight artists exploring the psychological and physiological effects of digital technology engagement, and will run for the duration of the programme until May 22nd 2019.

Our engagement with digital culture is a two-way relationship, that not only affects the way we process and navigate our surroundings, but acts as a tool to project our inner thoughts and emotions. The selected artists have engaged with this idea through the themes of identity, three-dimensional space and biological process, drawing on the cognitive conditions of the digital age.

Instead of presenting the exhibition as a final finished product, the artists are encouraged to use THECUBE as a site for experimentation, developing their work in response to the evolving conversation and research discussed through the five events.

Artists: Marcos Lutyens, Zara Worth, Ant Hamlyn, Shinji Toya, Hollie Page, Ian Malhotra, Lewis Wright, Maritina Keleri, Julius Colwyn, Gudrun Filipska & Carly Butler.

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Crowdfunding Launch

Crowdfunding Launch

Introducing Cognitive Sensations

Introducing Cognitive Sensations